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With Launchpad, you can configure all of your Ranger devices at once. Available as software for Windows and Mac, Launchpad allows you to pair multiple receivers to your transmitter, select frequencies, and perform firmware upgrades.

Configuration Options

  • Pairing - Pair or unpair your devices. 
  • Settings - Select the operating region (TX) and modify the RX/TX name.
  • Color Processing - Allows you to apply 3D LUTS to the receiver's video output.
  • Upgrade - Update your devices with the latest firmware.
  • Status - Displays detailed information about configuration and update statuses.
  • About - Displays the software version and License Agreement.


Teradek releases firmware updates periodically that add new features, improve performance, and fix vulnerabilities. To update Ranger, you’ll need to load a firmware package into Launchpad.

  • Load from Web - If you have an Internet connection, click Load from Web to download the latest firmware package from Teradek’s servers.
  • Load from PC - Click Load from PC if you have already downloaded the firmware package you wish to use. For the latest firmware, visit: https://teradek.com/pages/downloads#ranger

Once the firmware is loaded, and information about the package is displayed, click Next to proceed with the upgrade. You will then be presented with a list of device components and whether or not they are scheduled to be updated, along with two options:

  • Start Upgrade - Update your Ranger device(s) with the latest firmware version.
  • Advanced Options - View detailed version information for each component and the firmware upgrade package components. The Advanced screen also allows users to select which components to upgrade.
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