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Power and Connect

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  1.  Attach the Ranger transmitter (male side) to the back of your camera.
  2. Connect power to the Ranger transmitter and receiver with the included A/C adapter, or if both devices are equipped with battery plate accessories, attach a compatible battery (Gold or V mount).
  3. Connect the output from your video source to either the SDI or HDMI input (D or E) on the Ranger transmitter. Connect either the SDI or HDMI output (E or M) from the Ranger receiver to the video input on your monitor. NOTE: If mounting the receiver upright on a stand above the monitor, use a right-angle SDI adapter to relieve any strain caused by the weight of the cable, and to avoid damaging the SDI output’s internal connectors.
  4. Transmitter: Attach the H and V barrel antennas to the type-N connectors on the transmitter (A, B). The V antenna attaches to the V-connector, and the H antenna attaches to the H-connector. Receiver: Attach the three 2dBi antennas to the receiver’s center connectors and the two horizontal antennas to the left and right connectors.
    If using a Panel Antenna with the receiver: Connect the receiver’s three center connectors to the Array Antenna connections labeled “V,” then connect the left and right connectors to the “H” connections using the RP-SMA connectors  (see MOUNTING). NOTE: Ensure that the 2dBi omnidirectional antenna (A) is attached at all times to the Panel Antenna when in use.
  5. Move the power switches on both the transmitter and receiver (J) to the ON position. Video appears within a few seconds.
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