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Sharelink Migration to Teradek Core: What You Need to Know

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In our journey to provide the best possible streaming experience, we have decided to consolidate our efforts. Instead of spreading our resources across two platforms, our focus will now be on enhancing Core – our premier professional streaming platform. This means, as a Sharelink user, you stand to benefit from all the advanced features, capabilities, and improvements that come with Core, without any hike in your monthly subscription. It's our way of ensuring you receive top-tier service at consistent pricing.

With Core, you’d be able not to only distribute your video feeds to multiple destinations simultaneously but also:

  • Manage the majority of your settings directly from the platform;
  • Have dedicated servers available with the Static IP;
  • Record and download your live feeds or store them in the cloud;
  • Have the MPEG-TS, SRT, HLS output links available for VLC or any other 3rd party pull;
  • The bigger list API integrations to various CDNs and the ability to stream to a custom MPEG-TS or SRT link;
  • Vidiu Go users will be able to use HEVC codec to deliver streams to Core and many more other opportunities which weren’t available on Sharelink.

Also, if you decide to upgrade your plan to Plus or Pro, you could use Core TV low-latency streaming feature to share your streams with your individual clients via email, text or URL.
To see the full list of Plans and their Definitions on Core, please, click here.

Migration & Subscription Fees

Your Sharelink account will be migrated at the conclusion of your billing period between November 6 and December 5, 2023.

Rest assured, your Sharelink subscription will transfer to a Core subscription of the same monthly price, ensuring consistency and transparency in your billing.

E.g. If your usual billing period ends November 22, you’ll start your new billing cycle the same date but as a Core user already with the same monthly fee as you used to pay before.

Encoder Compatibility

  • VidiU Go, Wave and Vidiu X users will be able to connect to Core;
  • To connect your Vidiu X to Core, you will need to upgrade it to the latest firmware, which will be available for the Vidiu X starting on November 6, 2023.

After the migration, you will need to manually connect your channels to the streaming servers within Core. We understand this adds an extra step, but it provides better customization and control over your streaming preferences.

Click here for Core Quick Start video. 

You don’t have to be worried about your existing preconfigured channels as we will auto-transfer them to Core during the migration. This ensures that all your content remains intact and accessible.

Once your migration to Core is complete, access to Sharelink will cease. We recommend that you:

  • Download any past invoices you might need.
  • Take note of your streaming statistics for record purposes.

Support & Queries: 

Migration can bring questions. We're here to answer them:

  • Chat: Use the "Chat with an expert" button for real-time assistance.
  • Email: Reach out to us at [email protected].

We appreciate your understanding during this transition. Our goal is to enhance your streaming experience, and we believe this migration is a step in the right direction.

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