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End-of-Life Notification for Cube 6xx / Cube 7xx / Serv Pro

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Dear Valued Customer,

As one legacy ends, a new one begins. From high-profile movies and breaking news to rocket launches and rally racing, the Cube, and its sister product Serv Pro, has had a storied history.

For over 10 years, several generations of Cube and the products that spun off of it powered some of the most important live events around the world. But the time has come to start a new chapter in Teradek’s history inspired by the incredible legacy Cube is leaving behind.

In order to meet the most common requests from our customers and maximize our resources, we have decided to begin the End-of-Life (EOL) process for Cube 6xx, Cube 7xx, and Serv Pro product lines detailed below.

Affected Products

Product SKU Product Description

Serv Pro SDI/HDMI Video Server GbE WiFi


Cube 605 HDMI/SDI Encoder 10/100/1000 USB


Cube 625 AVC HDMI/SDI Decoder GbE USB


Cube 655 AVC HDMI/SDI Encoder 10/100/1000 2.4/5.8 GHz


Cube 675 AVC HDMI/SDI Decoder GbE AC-WiFi USB


Cubelet 655/455 HD-SDI/HDMI Encoder, HDMI Decoder Pair WiFi ac/b/g/n


Cubelet 605/625 HDSDI/HDMI AVC Encoder/Decoder Pair


Cubelet 655/675 HDSDI/HDMI AVC Encoder/Decoder Pair with WiFi


Cubelet 655/625 HDSDI/HDMI AVC Encoder(WiFi)/Decoder Pair


Cube 705 HEVC/AVC Encoder SDI/HDMI GbE USB


Cube 725 HEVC/AVC Decoder SDI/HDMI GbE USB


Cube 755 HEVC/AVC Encoder SDI/HDMI GbE AC-WiFi USB


Cube 775 HEVC/AVC Decoder SDI/HDMI GbE AC-WiFi USB


Cubelet 705/725 HDSDI/HDMI HEVC Encoder/Decoder Pair


Cubelet 755/775 HDSDI/HDMI HEVC Encoder/Decoder Pair with WiFi


Cubelet 755/725 HDSDI/HDMI HEVC Encoder(WiFi)/Decoder Pair

This letter is intended to provide formal notification of our decision to discontinue the affected products and communicate important dates in our EOL process. 

Below are some key dates to acknowledge:

Milestone Definition Date
End-of-Life Announcement

End-of-Life Notification distributed to customers.

November 8, 2022
End-of-Sale The last day to place an order for any of the affected products. January 31, 2023
End-of-Support The last day to receive full technical support and service for any of the affected products. After this date, affected products will transition to limited support.
December 31, 2025

Please note that all Cube and Serv Pro products sold between now and January 31, 2023 will be fully warranted, and all affected products will continue to be fully supported by our technical and service teams as well as our global Certified Repair Center network through December 31, 2025.

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