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Quickstart - TRT with Core

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TRT is available for preview using Prism's Next Gen encoder/decoder pipelines.

Encoder and Decoder Setup

1. From the Encoder and Decoder web UI, navigate to the Cloud Services menu and select Core.
2. If you have not linked your device to Core, click the Link this Device button, then follow these steps.

3. Once the devices are linked to Core, go to your Core dashboard and click on then encoder's Connect to a server tab. 

4. Click the Helios Server tab, then click + Launch to create a new server. 

If you already have a Helios server, click the Connect to a server tab, then follow the steps below to change the input mode.

To change an existing Helios Server's input mode:

  1. Click the Servers tab on the side menu.
  2. Click on the Server's name to access the Server details page
  3. From the Restreamer Input window, click the options icon (3 dots) and select Modify.
  4. Select TRT from the input options.

5. Click on Advanced Settings and select Low Latency Server. Click Next.

6. Modify your input settings (if needed), select a Billing option, then click Launch Server.

7. Once your new Helios Server is established, select your Helios server from the Launch Server menu, then click Connect to a server.

8. Once connected, click Manage Stream from the encoder details page to connect the decoder.

9. Click the Link tab to display the decoder list.

10. Select your decoder from the list, then click Link.

Return to the encoder and decoder web UI and confirm that the Stream Mode has been automatically set to TRT, and the Host IP address and Source/Listening ports are correct. For a list of configurable options, click here.

Encoder Web UI

Decoder Web UI

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