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Teradek TV

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Teradek TV is an all-in-one live feed and instant recordings review platform that provides real-time visibility into all stages of production, connecting creatives, producers, executives, and other remote collaborators. 

Get Started

1. Visit https://teradek.com/pages/teradek-tv and click the Sign Up tab to create an account. If you already have an active subscription, you can just log in to your account and skip to Create a Project.

2. You will receive a confirmation email after creating an account. Confirm your email address, then log in to your new account. 

Create a Project

1. To start a new project, you need to subscribe to a monthly plan. Select a plan that works best for you, then click Next to enter your payment information. Once you've entered your payment information, click Create Project.

2. Your new project is now listed on the Projects page. To create a new project, click Create New Project from the settings tab on the top left corner, or click the Start New Project thumbnail at the bottom of the Projects list.

Connect to Teradek TV

To connect your device to Teradek TV, select a project by clicking on the title, then follow the steps to create a Camera (source) to link your device to. 

Create a Camera (Source)

1. From your device's web UI, select Cloud Services, select Teradek TV, then click the Link this Device tab. NOTE: Click here to learn how to connect your device to a network.

2. Copy the authorization code generated for your device by clicking the Copy tab. 

3. From your Teradek TV dashboard, create a camera (source) by clicking Camera from the settings tab or clicking the sign next to the Cameras tab on your dashboard.

2. Choose a default name (A Cam, B Cam, C Cam, etc.) or create a name for your camera, then click Next.

3. Select a unit (group) to add your camera to, then click Next. NOTE: Units consist of multiple cameras that can be used for the same project.

4. Enter the name of the camera operator, then click Next to create the camera.

5. Click the Link Encoder tab, then enter the authorization code generated for your device. You can paste the code or enter it manually. Click Next when done.

6. Confirm how your device is connected to the Internet, then click Next. Your device is now connected to the camera and ready to be added to a Space. Click Finish.

Create Spaces

1. Click the settings tab on the top left corner and click Space or the sign next to the Spaces tab on your dashboard.

2. Enter a name for the space and enable Collaboration.

3. Select how users will collaborate (Text chat and/or Voice chat), then click the Add Space tab. 

The Space is now visible in your Dashboard. You can add Cameras and Users to your Space

Add Cameras to a Space

To add the Camera, simply drag and drop the Camera's thumbnail into the Space.

Add Users to a Space

1. To invite Users to collaborate, click the settings tab on the top left corner and select User, or click the sign next to the Users tab on your dashboard.

2. Enter the user's email address, and select what level of permissions they will granted. Click Add Users when done.


  • Administrator: Full access to billing, project settings, cameras, live feeds, recordings, devices, the Sharing Dashboard, and your fellow collaborators.
  • Coordinator: Full access to the Sharing Dashboard, where you can create Spaces, collections of cameras, live feeds, and recordings shared with various Viewers.
  • Technician: Full access to Cameras and Devices.
  • Active/Daily Viewer: Full access to Spaces, collections of live feeds, and recordings.

3. Once the User logs in and accepts the invitation, they will be listed under Active Users according to their permission type. 

4. To add a User, simply drag and drop the User's icon into the Space you want to share.