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Extend Your WiFi Range with Multiple Link AX Units

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Link AX units can connect with other Link AX units to extend your WiFi network range. The main Link AX unit acts as the Master Link, while the secondary Link AX unit functions as the Client Link. After configuration, both Wi-Fi access points on the Master Link remain available, but the Client Link will have only one accessible access point (the other is used for connecting to the Master Link). It is advisable to perform a factory reset before setting up the Link AX.


1. Click Firewall on the side menu to enter the Firewall Settings page.
2. Under General Settings, switch the input from reject to accept.
3. Click Save & Apply.


1. Click the WiFi tab from the side menu to enter the WiFi Settings page, then click the SCAN button for either the 2.4 or 5GHz network.

2. Select the Master Link from the wireless scan list by clicking JOIN NETWORK. If the Master Link is not on the list, click REPEAT SCAN.

3. Enter the Network passphrase, then click SUBMIT.

4. Click the Interfaces tab, then click the EDIT button under the LAN interface.

5. Under GENERAL SETUP, set the protocol to DHCP Client, then click Switch Protocol.

6. Click the PHYSICAL SETTINGS tab and check the box that corresponds to the Wireless Client Network. Click SAVE. NOTE: Do not click SAVE & APPLY.

7. Return to the Interfaces section, click the settings button (3 dots) under the WWAN interface, then click Delete.

8. Click on the Configuration/Changes icon on the top right of the screen, then click Save & Apply.

9. Click Reboot on the side menu, then click PERFORM REBOOT

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