Teradek User Guide

How to Share Your Mobile Device Screen with Airmix Remote

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Airmix Remote now allows you to capture everything on your mobile device’s screen and stream it to Airmix as a video source. This is great for streaming app interfaces and games.

Before you get started, make sure the device you want to share the screen of is on the same network as your Airmix ipad.

First, install and open the Airmix Remote app on the device you want to screenshare with.

Open Airmix on your iPad and, in the Sources panel, tap Add New Source and tap Teradek Device.

If on the same network, the Airmix Remote device will show up in the list. Tap on the listed device and tap Done. In the following prompt, tap Video priority and it will be added to your sources pane.

On the Airmix Remote device, tap Turn on Screen Capture. The following screen will confirm whether you want to broadcast your mic and allow you to start the broadcast.

Tap Start Broadcast and a countdown will appear. Then everything on the screen will be broadcast to Airmix.

Switch to the app you wish to screen capture and you will be able to add it to your program on Airmix.

To stop screen capture, in the Airmix Remote app, top Turn off Screen Capture and in the following screen, tap Stop Broadcast.