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How to Add a Teradek Encoder as a Lightstream Studio Source

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Using the broadcast quality streaming capabilities of Teradek encoders (Vidiu X, Vidiu Go, Cube, Prism and Bond), you can up the production quality of your live streaming programs on the powerful Lightstream Studio cloud live switching platform. You can even switch between encoders from across the globe.

For example, you may have a camera covering a sporting event in California, another in China, while a host comments in Canada, all the while utilizing the powerful and intuitive graphics capabilities of Lightstream Studio.

This is done easily with Lightstream via RTMP sources.

To begin, you’ll need a Lightstream studio account from www.golightstream.com, as well one or more Teradek encoders (www.teradek.com) connected to video sources and connected to the internet.

Let's Get Started

First, in Lightstream Studio, in a Scene, click the plus button to add a new layer and choose RTMP. [1]

In the RTMP sources panel, click on Create New RTMP Source and a new source will appear below.


Click on “Copy” next to the INGEST URL to copy the RTMP url.


In your preferred interface for your Teradek encoder (the Vidiu X’s Web UI shown below as an example), choose RTMP as your streaming destination.


Then paste your INGEST rtmp URL into the Server URL field.


In Lightstream Studio, on the bottom of your RTMP source, click the Copy button on the lower right to copy the source’s stream key.


In your encoder’s interface, paste the stream key into the Stream Key field and click save/apply.


Click the green button to start streaming.


In Lightstream Studio, click on a blank part of your RTMP source to add it to the scene. Your encoder’s video and audio stream will feed into the new layer to be customized like any other layer asset in Lightstream Studio.

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You can add up to 4 RTMP sources into a scene. Let’s add a Teradek Cube’s feed into our Scene.

To add another RTMP source, in Lightstream Studio, click the plus button and click RTMP to re-enter the RTMP source panel and click on Create New RTMP Source to add a second RTMP source.

[10 1 and 2]

In your preferred interface for the Teradek encoder (the Cube Web UI shown), choose RTMP as your Video Stream Output Mode and follow the same steps as above to copy and paste the ingest URL.


In Lightstream Studio, make sure you copy the Stream Key from the new RTMP source and paste it into the Stream Key field in your encoder settings. Click Save/Apply.


Click the green button in your Encoder interface to start streaming.


In Lightstream Studio, click on the RTMP source to add it as a layer in your Scene and your encoder’s feed will show up in the layer. You may customize the layer to create a side by side or picture in picture arrangement.

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