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Frame.io is a collaboration platform that allows video producers and editors to privately upload, review and share media with their entire crew from anywhere in the world. NOTE: You must first have a subscription before you can use Frame.io.

Connect to Frame.IO

1. From the web UI, select Cloud Services, select Frame.io, then click the Link this Device tab. 

2. Copy the authorization code generated for your Serv device by clicking the Copy tab. 

3. Log in to your Frame.io account, then create a project by tapping the sign next to your account name (see image). 

4. Enter a project name, then toggle the C2C Connections switch to enable your Serv device to upload video. Click the Create Project tab.

5. Click the C2C Connections tab above, then click the Add new device tab (see image).

6. Click the Device ready to connect tab, then enter the authorization code. Click Authorize, then click Finish.

7. If successful, Serv will be listed under the C2C Connections tab (see image). All future recordings will be listed under the Media tab.

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