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PIX collaboration workflows bridge feature film, streaming, and broadcast television from production origination to post-production, providing the highest quality, most trusted solutions for collaborative review for executives, filmmakers, and content creators. 


  1. From the web UI, select Cloud Services then click the Link this Device tab under PIX.
  2. Copy the authorization code generated for your Serv device, then click on the link provided.

          3. Log into your PIX account.
          4. Click Confirm to authorize your Serv device, then click Allow on the following screen.

          5. Return to the PIX section in the Serv web UI and click PIX Device Manager. Click the link icon that corresponds to your device.

          6. Select the project name, then select the folder to which you want your files to be delivered. Click Confirm.

          7. Return to the PIX UI and click the Browse Files icon in the upper left corner. Double-click the folder name to view the files.

          8. Double-click  the file name to view or play the file.

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