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Sony Ci

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With Sony Ci, you can unlock numerous opportunities, such as:

1. Remote Collaboration and Live Notes;

2. Review and Instant Editorial;

3. Automatic OCF Sync;

4. Continuity Across Imaging Chain;

5. Accurate Review on all Screens.

Please, review the image below, which illustrates c2c flow:

Teradek Encoders Compatible with Sony Ci:

- Serv Micro;
- Serv 4K;
- Prism Flex.

Setting up process

Please, follow the steps below in order to set up your encoder with Sony Ci:

1. Sign into your Sony Ci account. In workspace, add New File Request.

2. Name your encoder/camera and define expiration date.

3. Click Show File Request Code.

4. Copy File Request Code to your clipboard.

5. Within the Teradek Encoder Web UI, go to Cloud Services and Link this Device. You can also name your encoder. 

6. Paste in File Request Code.

7. In the Recordings tab, set Auto-Record to On Camera Event and the Camera SDI Metadata to the camera you plan to use. Then click Save

NOTE: Be sure SD Card is loaded. Format if you need to.

8. Turn on Sync with Sony Ci.

9. Refresh your Sony Ci page.

10. The new clip will appear in your files. 

The new clip will also appear in the Recorded Files tab on the encoder web UI

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