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How to update the server in order to migrate to the new Core  Plan?

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In order to start using your new Core as expected, you have to upgrade your servers to the latest version.

When you go to ‘Servers’, you’ll see the yellow warning which says:

Please upgrade this server. Functionality of connected devices and streams will be limited after your subscription is converted to the new Core 3.0 Plan. Upgrade now.’

There are two ways to upgrade the server:

The first and the fastest way will be:

  1. Click Upgrade Now;
  2. Click Confirm and wait 2-3 min until the server will be upgraded;


3. Enjoy Core with the upgraded server!

The second way to upgrade the server is:

  1. Go to the server’s page;
  2. Scroll down to the Software tab under the Preview section;

3. Click Upgrade to latest and confirm the upgrade;

4. Wait 2-3 minutes for the upgrade to be completed;

5. Enjoy using your updated server on Core!

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